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The more I consider Trump absolute reckless inability to restrain himself or exercise foresight (including his inability to not incriminate himself), combined with Russia tendency toward subversive tactics and espionage, the more I wonder if Trump suspicious lack of sense regarding Russia really is the result of Russian blackmail. He would have been on Russia radar long before announcing his bid for presidency due to his constant business dealings with them; in fact, the same desperate financial position that caused him to seek their involvement could also have enabled them to gain compromising information on him. It would therefore make sense that Russia gathered said information on him well prior to his candidacy and was later handed a golden opportunity in the form of an American presidential candidate that could be flagrantly manipulated..

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cheap ray bans According to TNS Media Intelligence, Quiksilver spent $9 million last year and $7 million for the first eight months of this year. Almost all of that was for magazine advertising, with a small amount for outdoor. The company's market cap is $1.4 billion; sales for the past four quarters totaled $2.5 billion.. cheap ray bans

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fake ray ban sunglasses Assume that if the Special Counsel found it to be relevant, they would use a subpoena to Verizon for the data, not the Trump organization. I used to oversee how a large telco handled law enforcement subpoenas. We were tighter about these things than Verizon was (famously tighter, in fact) and I had the pleasure of getting screamed at by the occasional law enforcement officer for insisting he follow the rules and backing up the staff that handled the requests. fake ray ban sunglasses

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